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Forever Evil #6 – Review

Matches Malone:

The reviewer didn’t like this issue as much as I did. Or, will, depending on when you read this post….

Originally posted on Weekly Comic Book Review:

By: Geoff Johns (story), David Finch (pencils), Richard Friend (inks), Sonia Oback (colors)

The Story: Not only is morality topsy-turvy on Earth-3, the spelling is off, too!

The Review: After I reviewed the first issue of Forever Evil, commenter Invasionforce and I had a slight disagreement about its merits.  Invasionforce was of the mind that the storyline served as a kind of political allegory, with “evil” as a stand-in for social Darwinism, where one’s fitness for survival need not include scruples or any humanist sentiment whatsoever.  I was of the mind that Forever Evil was just another splashy event drenched in mindless superpowered battles.

No offense to Invasionforce, but at this point, I’m convinced that history will validate my perspective on things.  It’s been many months since we’ve seen the Ultraman, Luthor, or anyone else espouse their views on anything; they’ve been too busy fulfilling their intended roles in…

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My title is optional?


You’d think that you’d want to post a title, simply for people to find you.

Clearly, I have to relearn everything I almost know, for the year of the Bad Christian.

Two Pussy Riot Members Released From Prison During Amnesty

Matches Malone:

The juvenile response to this story is, “They said pussy!” However, the bigger issue is, freedom of speech vs. freedom of religion. In America, where most of US live ;) They probably would’ve simply been slapped on the wrist, or the bare bottom in this case, and given a ticket.
Pay the fine, and move on.
They had the audacity to express themselves in a country that doesn’t allow that type of expression. What I believe is irrelevant, as the bigger issue is, oppression.
I’m truly glad I live in a country wherein the ability to say things that I don’t necessarily believe in is allowed. At the same time, I want my beliefs respected.
Am I asking too much?

Let me know in the comment section after you read the referenced story.
72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.
Adjust your expectations accordingly….

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Updated: 9:24 a.m. EST

Feminist punk rockers Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova walked free from prison on Monday, months ahead of their scheduled release in March.

Both were imprisoned for “hooliganism” in 2012 for performing a “punk prayer” in a Moscow cathedral in protest to Putin’s ties to the Russian Orthodox church.

Tolokonnikova left a prison colony in the city of Krasnoyarsk, eastern Siberia, on Monday, just hours after Alekhina was freed in another part of the country.

“There is no new Putin,” Tolokonnikova told BuzzFeed, shortly after her release, pushing back against the notion that recent prisoner releases signal a softening tack by the Russian leader. “This is a small step back, but a small one. There are still plenty of people in the jails.”

The members’ imprisonment was largely seen as an effort by Putin to silence myriad forms of dissent sprouting across Russia after the strongman controversially took…

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Announcing “A Great Work”

Matches Malone:

I don’t know how I came across Jon’s site, however I’m glad that I did. Such a simple concept writing 300 words a day. Anyone can do that, and I’ve done so on more than one occasion. However, I get to write about the entertainment industry.

Jon writes about God. Everyday! Impressive, to say the least. I think I’ll refer everyone to this post when I review it for him on Amazon. That way, I don’t have to write everything twice ;)

Originally posted on 300 words a day:

300 words will complete 5 years on January 1. Thank you for reading when you do, responding when you do, and encouraging when you do. It’s a humbling thing.

Along the way, a couple people said, “We’d read a 300 words version of the Bible.” I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

This week I’m announcing the first book that feels to me like it fits with the 300 words a day style, without consisting of old posts. 


A Great Work is my book-length conversation with the book of Nehemiah.

Why Nehemiah? When I started, I thought the book was about doing something big, that it was for people wanting to do that once-in-a-lifetime project.

The more I read and wrote, the more I discovered that Nehemiah isn’t a project management book, or a five easy steps book. This is the memoir of a human who lived a faithful…

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Quotes from Why film producers were shot down as contestants on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’

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I’ve been getting re-educated on what it takes to make a movie in the 21st Century, and came across this guy who has the only accredited IR firm in Vegas, which I think is pretty cool.
The logical follow up question is, I’ve been developing a package of films for the last ten plus years, with what I would consider to be no actual development money, however, my life can be documented, therefore the question is, should I give up control of more than half of my company? It’s a scary thought to be sure. Please leave a comment after you read the article, and the comments at the site. PS, most of them are spam, except for mine. There probably should be an asterisk somewhere…. ;)

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>(see * at bottom when finished reading guest’s post)<

Hedge Private Equity and Private Film Financing

Quote from Dave Gregory, film producer

“Just watched that segment of SHARK TANK online. I don't take anything I see on reality shows too seriously, but I do like the "cast" of investors on that show.

Mark Cuban was instantly out because the filmmakers only offered 30 or 35% of the equity for 100% of the funding. That's ridiculous…and insulting to any investor, IMO.

At first I thought they were hawking a documentary but then, once they talked about obtaining cast and writing a script, I realized it was a narrative feature based on the subject and they hadn't even gotten through development. And really, a teaser with nothing but annoying GC title graphics doesn't tell me a damned thing.

I would never approach an investor until full development, a breakdown, a schedule…

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Try stuff

Matches Malone:

He said this to win a bet. Or more likely, the illustration is, can you stand on one foot, and recite the greatest commandment? I know I can, however, I’m balanced ;0)

Originally posted on 300 words a day:

Jesus said it was the greatest commandment: “Love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength.”

But what counts?  Does taking care of your aging parents count? Does secretly paying for the meal of someone at another table count? Does doing your job well count? Does loving God have to hurt. What if we chose the wrong way to love? What if we try as hard as we can and we fail?

I know some people paralyzed as they try to figure this out. Or fearful. Or worried.

Think back to Monday. What if we didn’t worry about figuring out what counts as loving? What if we said, “Okay” and lived in a way that was as loving of God as we could?

What if we just try stuff?

I mean, what if we say, “God, I have no idea…

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Back in the day, and a strange day it was, I was ranked in the top 1% of the country.  With a renewed membership fee, I could probably make some quick cash in a tournament before people that still play in every weekend tournament recognized me.

Speed Chess was called skittles games back then.  Probably still is. I remember those that were better than me would play for quarters here.  Inflation has set in, and I’m sure it’s dollars by now.

Would be interesting to take your wife or girlfriend, or, you can take mine for that matter ;) for a nice long walk on the beach, and ‘accidentally’ come upon a game, and take it down for a lot of cash. All you have to do, is sac the first game. If you can afford that, you’re golden.

Santa Monica International Chess Park – About – Google+.

I’m a Filmmaker, And I’m Okay…

I work all night, and I sleep all day.

If only that were the case. I received an email from the fine folks who press the word, that I’ve been doin’ this for six years. So, HB to me!!!

My problem is, are, was, were, not even grammatically correct. Damn!! Time to go back to English 10AB w/Fred Doucette.

Was @Castle recently, and started playing Fizzbin with random guests, just to pass the time. I have to create a new act that I can film and submit to the entertainment committee in order to qualify to maybe perform Close-up magic @ some point in the distant future, in the only place I truly ever want to perform it.

Life is either performance art, or a broadway musical. Make your choice, and then stick to it. Use stick ‘em if you have to. I told my Executive Producer this once. Two years ago. Well, maybe more than that at this point, as the fine folks in the land of 168 have changed the dates since.

I should hold Chip Chalmers personally responsible for my meltdown this season. He was the last director I asked to direct me, before I resigned to doing it myself. But Chip’s a good guy, so, I would never do that.

Others in the land of granola that may or may not be called out during this not so random rant include but are not limited to, the 1st AD, and the 2nd Unit Director.

We lost 3 hours because of this duo, that propagated throughout the rest of the project.

We had a full post production sound facility ready for us at 9a the day before turn in. We didn’t get there ’til noon. Hard out at ten pm, therefore, well, I’ve already done the math for you.   Sol7 did incredible work under the strangest of conditions. Special thanks to them above and beyond the credits they shall receive somewhere. Well, on the finished product itself. Which may be a film, motion picture, or movie.

Wow.  Artificial word count reached!!! You should all know what that means by now.

Well, if you don’t, it means I can type faster. Like this…. Except when getting a phone call from the fine folks @ the E3 after party I just confirmed attendance. For myself, and two guests. You should know who you are, however, if you don’t, then well, it’s not you.

The thoughts in the previous paragraph may be in the proper order, if not the words. Take this into account when you post your comments.

I know I’m missing something this weekend, however, I do have the capability of walking into the LA Wine Fest with my press pass from the fine folks @Soak Magazine. I should give them special thanks, too.

So, have a lost weekend, then play video games? I wonder if that’s how Ray Milland started….

A random closing phrase here, then the directives. If this were a song, it would probably be in four part harmony.

I’ve gone so far off topic in this one….

That’s my story. Hope You Enjoyed It™

This Looks Like a Job for…

But as always, he’s not available. So, who can we get??? Blue Blazes, of course. More info as it’s made available. To me. You may have more info than I do, in which case, by all means, share in the comments section. Thanks!!!

Ucreate Comics.

Why am I here?

To drive traffic to my ministry site.

Okay, not what I was originally going to write, so, I’ll have to come up with something more relevant. 

In a weird mood today. I have a ‘friend’ stringing me along with the hopes of an investment into my production company, however, I’ve tripped him up and got him to practically admit he was never serious about it. I’ve written about this guy before, therefore it’s your mission to find out where I did that, as it’s on another site that I wholly own.

At My 168 Project, I’m attempting to decide what my next post there will be. It should be this post, however, I’m keeping with the need to rant randomly here.  I’ll probably write about the need to raise ten times as much money this time around, as over at The 168 Project they’ve upped their game. Now I have to up mine, and you should up yours ;)

Yes, I know I’ve done that one before, however, you may not have heard it there first.

Because we’re here. Well, I’m here, you’re there. You could write the same thing. The stream of consciousness is flowing up today. Downwind of upstream. Just like the salmon.

I guess these are in fact, morning pages. As opposed to mourning pages. Write a page every morning, and a sonnet in the afternoon. At night a screenplay, then start the process again. I guess those are my rules for writing.

Unless you’re a reader, at which point, the rules change. Unless they don’t. Just discovered something depressing, so I won’t elaborate. It would appear that I can’t search my previous content while posting. Damn you, WordPress!!!

That’s right, three exclamation points. Count them, three. Each means something different, and if you stop at 2, you must proceed to three, just like when you prepare to toss the Holy Hand Grenade.

That’s probably enough bloviation for today, so, until next time, stay sane. So I don’t have to.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.