“There is Nothing Fair about the Fairness Doctrine”

Well, the latest arrogance of those who would squash free speech, is a re-introduction of The Fairness Doctrine. Fortunately, there are those who believe Conservative domination of the airwaves is not a bad thing. Mike Pence, an Indiana Congressman, has introduced a bill that would effectively quash any change of The Fairness Doctrine being reinstated. Why the sudden interest in reinstating something that hasn’t been enforced since near the end of the Reagan administration? Simple.  They didn’t get their way on the immigration issue.

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My New Definition of Irony

What do you know about Runaway Production? Well, what I know would fill a book. Ok, maybe a rant on another blog, however, for today’s edition, clicking on the link I just provided brought me to a story about what California is going to do about it, complete with an ad to shoot your film. In North Carolina.

It would seem that the fine folks at The Hollywood Reporter need to rethink their online marketing strategy….

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