Yes, it does indeed exist…

Football in Los Angeles. Who knew? I did. I’ve known for years. Ever since the Scrams as they are disaffectionately called by their former fans when they moved to St. Louis, football fans in LA haven’t had a home team to route for. Or have they? Arena Football is here to stay.

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There’s a Joke in Here, Somewhere…

And I may be the one to find it. Or not. I don’t know… What I do know is this: By the time you get here, and click the link, the article may be gone. So, put thusly in twenty five words or less; Blockbuster Inc. has hired the former CEO of 7-Eleven as its CEO.

As I’m not in stand-up mode right now, I can’t compose the joke that will leave them rolling in the aisles of your local Improv comedy club. But what I can do, is point it out to you, and let you write your own….

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