Inspiring Words

So, it turns out that I’m a hopeless romantic, and these words by a woman that doesn’t know that I exist šŸ™‚ affected me deeply. As opposed to effected. Read, and enjoy, and tell her I sent you….

10/29/07 11:28PM
Words from fingertips…POEMS BY MOJO.

Silence is…
The time when you can truly hear your soul
The everlasting moment waiting for your crush to call
The love gaze that deafens a crowded bar
The moment you can hear your heart beat
The first touch of the pillow against your head
The calming of the waves of your bubble bath
The wide grin right after laughing till your stomach hurts
The sound of a heartbroken tear drop
The message after the ringing of your ear
The noise after you bury your toes in the sand
The voice of God
The whisper of Love
The occasion when angels speak to us
The instance the hammock stops blowing in the wind
The second you notice a shooting star
A rare moment of something truly beautiful…Silence.


Dangerous Beauty

As I speak from my soul

With devil red lips

A look so deceiving

From an angel like kiss

A beauty to envy

Faint whispers of yearning

The goddess of Venus

In the mirror before me

The power of a woman

Singing rhythm with her heart

To the beat of love flesh among flesh

Seduction of the soul

Temptation and rapture

Drops of passion penetrating flesh among flesh

Into her eyes of eternity

His yearning never subdues

The power of paradise
has a seductive scent

That of ecstasy and affection

He never will forget

To lay beside a lady

Compelling for more

Trust to earn and honor to fight

Sweet elegance to adore

Damned as a pretty woman

With a mind of men

But powerful beyond perpetuity

A true message to send

A dangerous beauty

She is.

By Melissa “MOJO” Hunter

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