They Tell Me…

I’m supposed to write everyday, AND I’m supposed to find my own voice. The problem as I see it, is this: No one knows who the mysterious ‘they’ are. I don’t believe that ‘they’ will ever be found, as when confronted, ‘they’ will simply deny that they are indeed, ‘they.’

So, this whole find your own voice thing is pretty convoluted as well, simply because, I didn’t know it was missing. When looking for something, it will always be in the last place you look, so, my contention is, look there first. That is indeed if it’s lost in the first place, as apparently my voice was, because ‘they’ tell me that I have to find it.

Oh, to make this entry somewhat relevant to something that I can link to, my current and future muse is Daphne Zuniga. A very classy lady who also happens to be an actress. I’ve even been in a movie with her….

So, until I find my voice, or find out who ‘they’ are, I remain, in the shadows….

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