#FollowFriday Frenzy

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Once again, it’s that time again. Redundancy is, redundant. Allow the stream of consciousness exercise while I gather my thoughts for today’s topic. Twitter has destroyed my writing ability. Not really. I’ve just been saying that a lot lately. 140 characters to get your point across. Not 140 words mind you, which would make up a small paragraph, or a very long sentence, much like this one. Characters. Say it with me. 8 bits of info, times 140. Well, 7 if you’re not using standard ASCII. Who remembers what that stands for? I won’t stand for it? How many words in a blog post, anyway?

Well, if you’ve been following me this far, it means you really want my opinion on what has become a Twitter phenomenon, Follow Friday. Now, I wrote it as a hashtag in the title, simply because I think Twitterfeed will post the title to Twitter when it decides to well, feed Twitter.

Have I really said anything relevant yet? That’s for you to decide. My simple opinion is this: I like Follow Friday. If nothing else, it gives me something to do with my time, besides attempting to be funny 100% of the time. I saw someone post something entitled, “Follow Friday, Too Much of a Good Thing?” the other day, so, consider this a response. I believe that followers are one of the many things that you can’t have too many of. A tradition was started, and as with most things Twitter, it flourished. Embrace it. Don’t complain about it. If you don’t like it, of course, as with all things Twitter, you can ignore it. Don’t participate. Don’t fault me when I do, and once again, don’t tell me how to Twitter!!!

Okay, that last was a bit harsh, but it’s how I believe Twitter works best, everyone chooses how they find it most effective for them. I’ve never claimed to be a social media expert, and I reject those that do, for the most part. But since you might be here to find out some good stuff, I may be obligated to give it to you. And, burying the lead gets you to read this far 🙂 Ok, two ways to use the #FollowFriday meme:

  • Give a list of those you think should be followed. You can usually fit about 8 or nine, depending on length of username.
  • Give a reason to follow one of your followers, so that others might know why you’re following them.

Now, as I stated, I’m not the guy to tell you how to tweet, so, either method is acceptable. I have one that I prefer, but I’ll let you figure that out. Simply because, how you decided to Follow Friday, may be different from the way I do it.

Oh, one more thing. Just because someone recommends me, or anyone else to follow, does not mean that you’re obligated to follow them. Furthermore, if someone decides to follow me, based on a recommendation, does not obligate me to follow you.

I guess that’s two things.

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