You Can Get More Followers for only $14.95!!!

Ok, some of you who watch what I’ve dubbed, #UselessTwitterMetric(s), may have noticed that I gained about a thousand followers in slightly over a week. Incredible growth, right?

Not so fast.

Many of you have seen the various tweets to which I refer:

Just got more followers!

1000 Followers a Day!!!

100 Followers a day!

Followed by a link to a site that simply asks for your TwitterID and password. I’m actually ok with that part, although everyone should be using oAuth by now. I was ok, simply because I saw how many had used the site before more, so, almost two weeks ago at this point, I took the plunge. I’m not going to mention which site, simply because I believe them all to be the same, and more likely, not worth the dignity of the added publicity.

Signed off like I always do, and that’s when the flood of emails started. I got over 700 followers on that first day. Was really only looking for a hundred, but hey, I’m easy. Of course, I wasn’t ready for what happened next.

I autofollowed them all back.

Read that sentence again, and I’ll wait.

Those of you that know me, know that I’m not “That guy….”  I follow people that I’m interested in, or that make me think. Or laugh, or what have you. If you’ve followed me, and I haven’t followed you back yet, that’s why. I was following roughly 1400 people before this debacle, and was barely keeping up with that. Now, my tweetstream is overwhelmed with tweets by people that I don’t necessarily wish to actively engage with, much less converse.

There’s even a site that will sell you followers. Maybe two, I’m not sure. I’ve gotten all my followers by simply being myself, for free. If I’m following you, and you’re not following me back, that’s ok, just don’t DM me. There are probably people out there that are following me, that I’m not following, and that should be ok too. Thank you for playing. If after reading this, you decide to UFM, it was a pleasure having you as part of, The Experiment. Which as always, continues….