Almost 30 Thousand Tweets Later….

In less than a year. Some might say I tweet too much. Others, may not even see my tweets. I’ve had several varying opinions of what Twitter is, was, and will be. Most still hold today. I’ve posted them here and elsewhere, therefore, they don’t need repeating, however, they might need to be linked to. Or for those of you that are afraid to end a sentence with a preposition, to which I shall link.

I’ve talked in passing of The Experiment. Which continues. If you have yet to figure out what The Experiment is, then you have three choices, instead of the usual two. We’re so used to binary decisions, which come downto this or that, that we rarely consider, the other thing. Or, things. I have as of this writing almost 3600 followers that have decided to come along for the ride. Which would be an ‘E’ ticket, if Disneyland still gave out ‘E’ tickets.

I’ve tweeted about several subjects that interest me, and I’ve figured out how to tweet from more than one place. Hopefully, when this entry gets posted, you’ll see it first from a tweet that’s automatically generated. Then again, maybe not, as the last time I posted here, the link didn’t get saved to my history. Not clear to me why that happened….

I’ve actively solicited funds for my participation in The 168 Project, which will always and continue to be my main focus. I’ve seen the work that myself and others have done as a result of this ministry, and it continues to amaze me that you can do quality work quickly to a deadline. Especially when that work is a ten minute film based on a Bible verse, and completed in a week or less.

I’ve made some good online friends, while at the same time, have been blocked by others, simply because I had one disagreement with them at some point in the past. In every case, I would still choose to follow them if I could, however, this privilege has been denied me. I could name names, however, I don’t want to embarrass them. I wear their block as a badge of honor.

I’ve discussed how Sturgeon’s Law comes into full force at the strangest of times, to the point of describing it as, The Law!!!™ I have mastered ideas, this one included. I’ll leave the thought leadering to those that have adapted the quaint practice as their mantra. Because as always, there is a third choice to the lead/follow paradigm.

A new conclusion that I’ve come to is simply this: I’ve enjoyed my time here, and will continue to do so. You may now reevaluate one of the three choices you made above. Your mileage may vary, Please retweet.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.


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