How I Tweet…

TwitScoop and Twitter search filters in Tweetdeck
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Not to be confused with how you tweet, because, I don’t know how you tweet. Or why for that matter. The how, may tell you the why, and might give you some insight into, The Experiment. Or at least, be good for a laugh, as I know I have only three readers here.

I don’t know how this became the blog where I write about Twitter, but it is the idea that I have mastered, so, here goes: I type 55 words a minute, with only 2 errors. This is up from my middle school typing speed of 35 words a minute. I always added ten back then, as I was trying to impress a girl, so, if anyone ever sees Kim Sandefur, tell her she won.

At 140 characters or less, combined with my typing speed, I could crank out two tweets a minute, if I so desired. Most that follow me that won’t read this say that I do indeed tweet at least twice a minute, maybe more, I don’t know, as I don’t count, having never actually timed it myself. I’m sure the fine folks at Twitter have these stats, but they aren’t necessarily sharing them. At least, with me. Oh, I know my tweets are being graded as well, and I’ve spoken of that in the past both here and elsewhere. I get almost an A+ for my tweeting efforts, and I didn’t even study.

I follow almost as many as follow me, and I use TweetDeck as my app o’ choice, which allows me to manage how I see and respond to your tweets the way I like. There’s a button that I frequently use for Retweets, to the point where Chris Voss has made me one of his Top RT Guns. If I see a lot of tweets in a row that I like, It’s one click, and they go out to you. This could get my tweeting speed up higher, as previously discussed.

I have private conversations on an occasional basis, however, that is a rare occasion, and it usually comes in the form of a couple of DM’s after a conversation in the public timeline. I have nothing to hide, so, you’ll get to see these conversations every once in awhile, if you’re paying attention. If you don’t care, that’s ok too. Allow me the same courtesy to ignore your tweets, if necessary. Oh, and as always, don’t DM me if you’re not following. This has generated an unfollow on numerous occasions.

I tweet about what interests me. This may include a range of topics you may not like, to some that you do. I tweet all hours during the day, and I don’t have any ‘bots tweeting for me more than once a day. I have set up Twitterfeed to tweet a link to this and other blogs for which I write, and if I post, it gets tweeted. I don’t know if this counts as a ‘bot or not. I’d like to believe it doesn’t, as ultimately, I wrote the post that generated the tweet, and it only goes out one time, so, you can think of this as a many character tweet. Yes, I’ve gone over the artificial 140 character limit. I’ve billed myself as an intellectual humorist if that helps, and my billing rate is $150/hr, minimum 2, if that helps. I have discovered that the key to comedy is simply this: You have to be funny.

So, as my number of followers increases, that’s you, and the number of people I continue to follow decreases, I hope that’s not you, The above will continue to hold true. Let me know if I’ve succeeded, or exceeded your expectations. Which you may now adjust accordingly.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Please Retweet.

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