Yet Another Installment of, It’s the Law!!!

Several things I found out recently, and I won’t list them, therefore, Guy Kawasaki won’t read further, however, most of the rest of you might, and that’s good enough for me.

It turns out there’s this thing out there called 4square. Ok, it’s yet another social network. Apparently, you can be the mayor from where ever you update from, if you’re the first one there. It’s all pretty strange, and I’m the guy that has over 33 thousand tweets in a year, so, I’m thinking I might be an expert. On strange, not 4square.

If you link your Twitter account to 4square, every-time you update, Twitter tweets. Or, twits, as we’ve discussed previously. This phenomenon extends to other social networks. FriendFeed, Twitter, and most importantly, Facebook. Furthermore, I’m on all of them.

There’s also Twitterfeed, which allows you to direct any RSS feed that you control, to Twitter. Now, as it states Biblically no-less, it is possible to invent ways to do evil, and I think I’ve found mine….

Having seen The Law!!! kick in at inopportune times, I can tell you this: It is quite possible that there is a way to tweet once, and have it circulate around the Twitterverse, forever.

I just haven’t found it yet.

Adjust your expectations accordingly, and as always, Please, Retweet.

If you haven’t already.

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3 thoughts on “Yet Another Installment of, It’s the Law!!!

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