Once Again, It’s Time to Rant Randomly…

Ok, I came up with a cool title, that no one will click when they see it, so, I’m basically typing to myself. Tell me I’m wrong in the comment section. Thanks!!!

So, what’s going on in the world? Does it matter? Does it affect me, and in turn, you? No? Read on….

I started this current missive with a title, and no actual material to back it up with, so, I don’t know where I’m going to end up. However, I probably didn’t start at the beginning, either.

What brought this on? Or one, as I originally mistyped? Is it a typo if I spelled it correctly? Yes, of course it is, as, it’s not the word that I originally chose.

Having answered my own question, I’ll move on. Or one. Is it a coincidence that the letter ‘e’ is typed with the middle finger of the left hand? I’ll let the pundits decide.

Of course, they aren’t reading this.

But they might read, this.

How do I know this? As previously stated elsewhere, no one knows anything. Why is that? Well, the current statistic is, wait for it, 22 hours of video downloaded to YouTube per minute. Personally I don’t have that kind of time, but someone has apparently invented a time warp field generator to squish 22 hours into a minute.

And, he hasn’t even patented it yet. Try saying that three times fast, and get back to me on how you did.

In any case, randomly typing as in the infinite monkeys experiment, has brought me this far without a real point to be made, other than the following: I have followers on Twitter that might read this far.

Have I buried the lead? Of course!!! I’m not a journalist, and I don’t even play one on TV!!! I’m a guy, that has opinions, that publish online somewhat regularly, or more likely, randomly. How does this affect you? Or, will you share in this effect? That’s right. They’re both spelled correctly, and used correctly, for those of you that just graduated the Grammar Police Academy. That’s (TM) me if someone makes an aforementioned YouTube video, and uploads it.

Had to respond to a tweet. Now, where were we? I’m here in front of my borrowed computer in Redondo Beach, and I still don’t know where you are.

You may be reading this in the comfort of your own home on anyone of several myriad devices. And that might be what led to this random rant.

Clearly, they’re looking to replace Olivia. And this is a good thing, but I digress….

Which is the title of what used to be Peter David‘s column in CBG. Great title, great writer, and a good book, too!!!

Hopefully, enough of you will click on that link, and then I’ll get paid. Not the first one, the second one. Alternatively, click on both, and buy the book. As opposed to by the book, but again, I digress….

I think I’ll end here, as I may or may not have another blog entry to write elsewhere, therefore, this has either been another edition of The Random Rant, or, It’s, The Law!!!

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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