Stuck in the middle of Nowhere

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A small town, just outside Redondo Beach, California.

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, how do you know, you’re in the middle? You can look around for landmarks, and decide arbitrarily, or, you can figure out how you got there in the first place.

We’ve talked about how the fork in the road may be a spoon, so, let’s look at what happens when you finally make the decision. For purposes of illustration without drawings, let’s say you take the right path, although, in this case, that simply refers to the path on the right.

So, traveling along said path, you take in the sights, the fresh air, and the vast expanse of your thoughts, and this is ok. For awhile.

Then something happens. You realize you’re not where you think you should be.  Because you’ve been on the same path for so long. You look ahead of you, and you can’t see where you thought you were going, maybe you don’t even remember, I don’t know, only you can decide, but then you look over your shoulder, and look back.

And see the same thing.

Panic sets in.

You start looking in every direction, maybe even spinning in place. Do that too long, you might get dizzy, so you stop. Where are you? You don’t know, however, it has been described as, The Middle of Nowhere.

The resulting spinning you just experienced may have created a shallow hole in the path. So, you have roughly three or four choices, which I could walk you through, but put simply:

  • Go back.
  • Go forward.
  • Try going off the path, and blaze a trail.
  • Stay in place.
  • Keep spinning.

I’ve highly recommended #3 in the past, however, that may not be a viable option in this case, as you’re trying to change a choice that you’ve committed to. To which you’ve committed? I don’t necessarily like ending sentences with prepositions, simply because everybody else is doing it.

In any case of the above five(!) mentioned choices, I don’t recommend the last one simply because, the shallow hole may become a grave. Don’t let this happen to you!

You have been warned.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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