Ok, It’s Here. Now What?

Once upon a time, there were three little girls, and they all went to the police academy….

No, wait. Wasn’t going to talk about the remake of Charlie’s Angels for TV on this post, so, that will have to wait. Simply because, if you’ve been hiding under a rock, or a various other sundry device, you might not know that Apple launched the, wait for it, iPad.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard most if not all of the appropriate and even inappropriate feminine hygiene product jokes related to the name choice, so, I won’t repeat any here. Simply because, I’m attempting to make a word count, and I only found really three of them funny.

So, there’s this thing, that’s not a smartphone, and not a netbook, according to Steve Jobs. I’d refer to him as my good friend, however, we’ve never met. Otherwise, we’d be great friends, as I gave him his ‘Get a Mac.’ campaign….

Oh, I’m really only posting here, because I couldn’t comment on iJustine‘s blog. Sad, really. Had a really great and witty comment to go there. Of course this way, I get to write more, and less people will read it, so, win/win.

The iPad does some things really well, and others, not so much. Complaints rapidly tweeted after all the hoopla died down. Where does hoopla go to die, anyway?

So, having only seen the live blog updates, and not actually getting to touch one, let alone demo it, I offer the following observations, in no particular order:

  • Too big to fit in your pocket.
  • Very thin.
  • Lightweight.
  • Competitively Priced, although
  • According to Steve, no other devices like it.

There are those of you that are referred to out there as ‘early adapters.’ I used to be one of these, but then I realized something. They picked a launch date, and then met that schedule. Probably why there are some features conspicuously “missing.”

Waiting for the second generation might be the bigger better deal. Or, this thing might go the way of the Newton, who knows? All I can tell you is simply this: The Law!!! is bound to kick in. And of course, I’m hoping for a Super Bowl commercial to rival that of 1984. It’s not too late, they could conceptually ask me to create one for them.

So, to review, the Apple Tablet is announced.

Of course, you can’t get one yet, as, it’s not available ’til March.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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Half a Century…

Or, for the right handed people, 50 years. Five decades. Of course, the new decade doesn’t start ’til 2011, but don’t let that throw you if you have no problem with math, which nobody said there’d be any of….

The 60’s were strange. People were attempting to get over the ‘repression’ of the 50’s, and for my money, which I don’t really have too much of, I think they wen’t too far in the other direction….

The 70’s brought teen angst to the forefront, as embodied in well, any issue of Spider-Man. Of course, I don’t read Marvel Comics anymore, so, you’ll have to take their word for it.

The 80’s were, well, the 80’s. We’re actually going through them again, as I believe trends tend to cycle every 30 years. I could make predictions based on this, however, I’ll leave those to the psychics that like to get things wrong by prognosticating.

The 90’s where supposed to be the era where everything that was predicted in the 60’s was supposed to take place. To some extent that’s true, however, The Law!!! kicked in, and it took place in ways we could never have imagined….

Now, some would say that we have no name for this last almost decade not completed for another year yet, however, I like the term I picked in the middle of around 2000, the Aughts. A lot of strange and unusual things took place, and the biggest happened in 2001, when we were supposed to have a base on the moon, according to some movies and tv shows. But I digress….

I mastered some ideas in the aughts. Maybe you aught to as well 🙂

So, the ‘teens will start next year, at which point, I’ll be here to write about it. I hope you will be here to read it. If not, that’s ok. Others will probably have a different viewpoint that you’ll like more. But that’s ok.

Now, for those that haven’t figured it out yet, this is the obligatory birthday post. For those that already knew, thank you for your well wishes, and you know who you are. I’m not soliciting anything here, although, you may get that impression. I’m simply stating that as a result, I’ve seen a lot of things take place in my lifetime, and I may not have enough time to espouse on them all.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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