Yet Another Random Bloviation

I have a friend, whom we’ll call Mark, because that’s his name as I’ve previously discussed, that I simply don’t understand. I could make a list here, however, I’ll proceed to delineate in a grammatical manner, as opposed to the Modern Major General. One day I’ll record that song for you. Beware. Or….

In an attempt to stay on topic, as I do indeed have one, he’s one of the people in my life that I’ve known the longest. Met him in high school, actually. He was a grade behind me, however, as I was a year ahead of myself, he’s slightly older than I am. By all accounts, especially, bank, he’s more successful than I am, as he has more money. Enough to the point where I approached him for a donation for this year’s 168 Project film.

And that’s where the confusion started. And, for the most part, continues.

He called me today, and we had almost the same exact conversation we had the last time. He’s telling me how he’s a day trader now, and looking at Apple at around $227 a share. I asked him what he’s going to do with all his money, and he said simply, “I’m going to make more money.” Ok, then what about after that? He told me he bought a new car, that has only 203 miles on it. That would be fine if he bought it last week, however, this was apparently right after our last conversation almost 2 months ago.

I again solicit a donation for 168 Project films, as I’ve decided that at least for me, this needs to be a year round ministry. He politely explains that he’s not into church as I should know, to which I simply reply, “It’s not about church, it’s about filmmaking.” This really didn’t get me anywhere, so I pressed on, “What are you going to do with all your money???” Make more, came the same reply. Now, he still lives in a one bedroom apartment, and furthermore, tells me he has no friends.

I am, as I stated above, confused.

Money at its base, is a tool. Its value is whatever you believe it to be worth. In and of itself, your dollar bill is really a fancily printed by the government piece of paper, that most have agreed can be traded for goods or services. I was having a conversation with Warren Whitlock about this recently. Is your time worth money? I bill myself at $150 an hour, minimum 2, meaning that I value my 24 hour day at roughly $3600. Which is now, my speaking rate. There’s a rider attached that you probably can’t meet, therefore, I’m destined to not receive any speaking engagements….

But this isn’t about me.

I simply pointed out that Mark is going to grow old and die alone, unless he does something with his money. He apparently decided a long time ago, that he’s ok with this. My guess is that this conversation that I had today will preclude him from calling me for another three or four months, so I won’t have to have the same exact conversation again.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.


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