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Wow. Didn’t have to sit through the rest of 60 Minutes to see this. Thanks!!!

Ok, my take, on this whole thing, and what prompted me to write more than a simple comment that can be tweeted out is this:

Conan may believe that he didn’t get screwed, and that’s fine. However, there are those of us that did. Get screwed I mean. Leno IS the bad guy in this whole thing, as originally, he stated he was going to retire when he originally gave the tonight show away.

As it got closer, he realized that he still wanted to do it, however, they’d already hired Conan to takeover. This started a chain of events, and of course, The Law!!! kicked in, and as you know, whenever that happens, everyone gets screwed.

NBC can justify their move by saying Conan’s ratings were less than Leno’s. What they forget to mention, is the reason for that was that Leno’s ratings at 10p, were not up to expectations, and as a result, local news ratings at the various affiliate stations were down, to the point where they were stating they were going to change affiliations.

That’s huge.

I don’t necessarily know how that works, as I live in a major city, therefore it’s not an option for any network here, as they’re the network. However, it’s my understanding that affiliates sign on for the National feed from whatever network, and back in the days before cable, this was an issue of long term contracts, and who had the best shows, say if you live in Cedar City, Utah (just as an example), your local station there has chosen one of the big three or four, at which point, at 11p, you do your local news. After which at 1130, you go back to broadcasting your network of choice.

As a result of Leno’s ratings not being up to par, local affiliates like the theoretical one above, threatened to pull the plug as it were, and go somewhere else, the choices being ABC, CBS, or Fox.

NBC literally pushed the panic and eject button almost at the same time, as Conan mentioned in the interview.

As a result, me as a viewer of some shows on NBC, although these days, less and less, as it would seem their entire Entertainment division suffers from what we’ll call Leno syndrome, can’t seem to put any good and decent shows on the air, I have been passively boycotting the network and its shows, and actively speaking out to anyone who’ll listen.

And again, I predicted bad things for NBC back when they made the monumentous decision to be the 5th place network back when they first announced that Leno would have a primetime show. But of course, no one listens to me, except you, my three readers….

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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