Tell Me a Story…

That can’t be the right title. I’ll probably change it later, however, the link will remain the same. Feel free to trackback 🙂

For purposes of illustration, let’s say that until I was eight years old, my great grandmother on my father’s side lived in our home. Well, not our home, but the home I grew up in, as I don’t really know where you lived back then. I don’t know when back then was for you back then either, for that matter.

I came home late one day, and she had asked why. I came up with some wild explanation which to my eight year old mind, sounded believable. There were no monsters involved, or anything. I believed that I simply decided to hangout with my friends on the way home, so, it took longer than normal, so, what I related was simply that I had played at my friend’s house. Which wasn’t actually true, as it just took us extra time for all of us to get home. She replied with, “I don’t believe you. You’re telling me a story.”

Confusing at the time, however, quite possibly relevant now, x amount of years later, as I don’t want to tell you the value of x. You can find that information elsewhere, as it’s freely available.

Why is it relevant, you may ask? Well, even if you don’t, as I’m sure all three of you know by now, I’m a filmmaker. By definition, this means that I make films. Of course, film is dead, but I did that rant on a long time ago. So long, in fact, that most of the links on that page goto sites that either no longer exist anymore, or point to entirely different companies. In any case, for sake of argument, let’s say you’re using film, even though it may be digital video or high def. Over the many years, I’ve heard various things about what you read or see in various mediums, and they all boil downto, “Is it a good story?”

Several definitions out there:

  • Something happens, and it’s interesting.
  • A story is what happens to characters you care about
  • An account or recital of an event or a series of events, either true or fictitious

Ok, three that I had readily available, but you get the idea. I guess by the last definition, both myself and ‘Grammy’ as I called her when I was a kid, were correct, although, for different reasons. I once heard that for a publisher to publish a story, it has to be good. Which of course is subject to interpretation. We are all storytellers in that regard, and as always, Sturgeon’s Law is in full force. And I believe he was making a conservative estimate. More on that probably another time, at a different blog.

So, now that I’ve padded my word count to arrive at some arbitrary number created by those that measure these types of things, I can really write whatever I want. However, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll probably read the rest. And the point here is simply this: Good, Great, Amazing, etc. are all subjective terms. There may be a quality control issue that we need to address. And, as the aforementioned law, not to be confused with, The Law!!! states, ‘they’ may not know what they’re doing, either. Even if the greatest screenplay in the world is on their desk, and even if it’s yours, you still, might not get your movie made. At least, by them. At least you’re not this guy 🙂

That may be enough for today, so, as always, adjust your expectations accordingly, and by all means, please retweet. However, before you do, what’s your definition of story? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts….


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