You Might Be a Journalist If…

I’m thinking that I might update this list, as a list, when it becomes a stand-up routine, OR, I can simply rant and rave, or more likely, rave about the rant, until I’ve met my word count. It’s unclear to me at this time what my journey will be along the path I take. Or, do you take the path, and then talk about the resulting journey? We’ve discussed this aspect before, actually. This is not intended to be anything resembling a journalism course, simply because, I don’t remember most of what I was taught back in Ms. Meiner’s 8th grade journalism course that I took, however, I do remember that it led to writing for the school paper the next year…. Who? What? When? Where? Why? and sometimes, How? Are the five W’s.  Choose the order, tell your story. Which as you’re supposed to be objective, is actually their story.

That makes you, a reporter.

At it’s root, a journalist is one who journals. Or, if you’re a girl, writes in your diary 🙂 I’m reminded of a rant of a fictionalized newsman. “We are not the news!!!”, he shouts into the camera, as the live feed goes out to the audience, and he confesses his misdeed. The tv version of the Network speech. Great stuff back in ’76 when it first came to the big screen. Often imitated, never duplicated.

So much has happened since I started down this train of thought, that it’s almost been derailed at this point. I attended Comic Con. Did you? Probably, as there were a lot of people there. I came back, I’m home, and now I’m onto another thing. Does it matter what it is? Of course! That’s why you read this far, and that’s why I write. If you weren’t here to read, the writing would conceptually take place anyway. Or not. You wouldn’t know, as you haven’t clicked the link provided. I’m sure at some point this will all make sense, however, the bottom line is, there is a bottom line. How do we know you haven’t crossed it? I’ve decided that while all of you celebrate New Year’s on January 1st, I’m choosing either August or September 1st, simply because, that works better for me, and all the things I do.

The left turn that the bat takes while exiting his cave has taken place, and as a result, The Random Rant will never be the same. But it will always be random. And, ranty. Similar, yet different. Hope you enjoy it.

So, as always, Adjust your expectations accordingly, and of course, please, retweet.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

e You next time….


3 thoughts on “You Might Be a Journalist If…

    • I guess I should’ve clicked reply, as you might not see the general comment. One day, I’ll have this whole ‘net thing figured out, and then sit back, and enjoy the fireworks 🙂

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