This is your Two Minute Warning

Happy New Year.

I’m going to have to give up the computer shortly, and I may not get it back before it turns midnight.

Most would write an #YearInReview post, however, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I’m not most.

Adjust your expectations accordingly, and as always, please, retweet.



…and foremost, I remember Mama.

Ok, a line from a play I stage managed a lifetime ago, however, it may or may not relevant. I’ll let you decide.

There seems to be a need, out there, to be first. First in line, first in space, first to ship, but mostly, first to comment on a blog post.  I don’t know why that is, however, we can explore the phenomenon.

Now it makes sense that the first to comment may form the conversation that arises and follows from the post itself. This is a good thing, in as much as it’s different from say writing a letter to an editor, wherein they may or may not reply in their newspaper, if they read it at all.

A comment in a blog post, and a reply, is very much instantaneous and ubiquitous, in that it happens immediately, and in front of a lot of readers, hopefully. They can join in on the fun, too.

Now, I find that the various blogs that I comment at, I’m almost never first. I can’t be everywhere at once, there’s no good way to do that. So, I have a few choices:

  • Comment on the post itself
  • Comment on the comments
  • reply to an individual comment
  • post a reply to the blog in my own
  • do nothing

There may be one that I’ve missed. You may figure that out and let me know below.

I’ve gotten better, I subscribe to the blogs that truly interest me, therefore I receive new posts as an email, and most of the time, reading and moving on (do nothing) is a valid choice that lets me get on with my day.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  There will always be another blog post, there will always be something to comment on. As a content creator myself, I may or may not have time to comment. Furthermore, most of the blogs I read post during the time I’m asleep. No chance to be first. The writers have been fortunate enough to be born further East than me.

Not a problem, as I experience this for a live show I watch as well. They have a Twitter wall, and to comment, you have to be online during the live broadcast. Of course, they shoot to go live at a certain time in the Eastern Time Zone, so, I’m almost never online then, AND I don’t know what’s going on with the show, simply because I won’t get to see it for another three hours.

I don’t know that I’ll ever win a prize for posting on their Twitter wall.  I’m ok with that. Sometimes, you don’t need to be first. You simply need to be, the best. I do this by creating consistent content, on an occasional basis, and maybe that doesn’t leave me time to win the race to be, FIRST!!!

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

In Lieu of Actual Writing….

I present to you, today’s edition of, It’s, The Law!!!

I’ve been receiving some random tweets lately, as @replies, or @mentions for those that know. Actually, they really aren’t that random.  The latest one looks like this….

Now normally a Block and Report Spam action makes these go away pretty quickly. Tried that, didn’t work.

Sent a friendly tweet recently to the offending party. It may be a ‘bot. Ok, I can handle that. Found out who controls the ‘bot.

Got into a heated conversation pretty quickly. The next step is to report all accounts to the fine folks at Twitter, and get them to take action.

Now, to be fair, he says it’s a but that they’re attempting to fix, however, as I’ve written previously elsewhere, this may have taken place intentionally.

I will give them 24 hours to fix.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and as always, adjust your expectations accordingly.