And They Stop on Tuesday….

Chris Brogan

Image by BryanPerson via Flickr

This is a response to the last @ChrisBrogan post that I read, and commented on. There’s an outside chance you may read this first, therefore, you should read that, and then come back here, and read my response.

Or not, up to you. I’ll wait in either case.

Back yet? My first reaction can be found in the title. Most people won’t stick with something for more than 24 hours. Those people must learn determination. Set a goal. Don’t stop ’til you achieve your goal. That’s the simplest definition, at least, mine.

My second reaction, was simply, “Why do they HAVE TO start on Monday?” Chris’ analogy does play, that most people start work on Monday, therefore they start other things, too. But the seven day work week may not start the same day for everyone.

There was a game show in the 70’s, not sure of the exact timing, however, that can be looked up at this point…Celebrity Sweepstakes. If you remember seeing this show on more than one occasion, we are contemporaries. Good to meet you.

For the rest of you, here’s how the game worked; 6 Celebrities, 3 contestants, Ā Standard live studio audience (probably around 300 if I remember my walking around Television City days), and one Game Show Host, Jim McKrell. He’s on IMDb. Growing up, I wanted to BE him. I faked sick, just so I could stay home and watch Celebrity Sweepstakes with my dad, that’s how important it was to me, and ultimately, to my father. More on that part another time, or else this post will go in an entirely different direction.

The point, and I’ll get to it, is that there was a question that goes to what Chris was saying. First you must understand, the rules of the show:

  • Host asks celebrities questions.
  • They have 30 seconds to answer, meanwhile
  • audience votes (places a bet) on which celebrity will get it right
  • odds appear in front of celebrities (1 to 99:1)
  • contestants wager
  • Jim asks celebrity the question again
  • celebrity answers
  • Here’s where it branches…
  • If wrong, Jim asks another celebrity
  • Else, award money to contestant
  • Wash, rinse, repeat
Three rounds of the game, plus the final all or nothing round. More on that one another time too.
Now, as I’m approaching some arbitrary word count set forth by “Those Who Think They Know More Than I Do (TWTTKMTID)” I’ll get to the point. For purposes of illustration, the celebrities at the time were George Hamilton, Don Adams, and Carol Wayne, she of tea time movie fame, if you don’t know who that is. (aside: she fits the model of the actress that plays the dumb blonde, needs to actually be the smartest person on the set.)
The question: What is the first day of the week?
The celebrities lock in their answers.
The three in question all return even money, and as I believe this was indeed the all or nothing round, you could double your money, or go home empty handed if you get it wrong.
The contestants bet on the three celebrities in question, each betting all there money. If you’re a fan of poker, they went all in.
They did the reveal in reverse order, as anyone whose seen a round of Final Jeopardy can tell you.
The first contestant picks Don Adams. Jim asks the question to which Don replies, “It’s so obvious. It’s Monday!”
Next contestant bet all her money on George Hamilton, and achieves the same result.
Two contestants, no winners. Shall we try for three?
The final contestant placed all her money on Carol Wayne, and in her sleekest sultry voice simply says, “Sunday.”
We have a winner!!!
Now, what’s all this got to do with you? I’ll tell you.
You don’t have to use either of these as the first day of the week. The Comic Book Business uses Wednesday, or new comic book day, for those that know. As we know from a previous post, or The Bible if you don’t want to read anymore, God worked for six days, and rested on the seventh. That means that the day of rest for those in the comic book field is Tuesday.
My pastor takes Monday off, so, he starts his work week on Tuesday.
With these few examples, I think I’ve made the point that Chris was making in the original post. Even though you have the opportunity to be connected all the time, and working on being connected all the time, you don’t have to. You’ll feel better.
Especially the next time you play Frontierville šŸ˜‰
72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

What’s your first day of the week? Let me know in the comments. And let me know how I can break my Frontiervilleā„¢ addiction, too šŸ˜‰