For this 168 Project season, (that’s right, you may hunt them) I’ll end up doing stuff like this. Simply because I can’t get three people to give up coffee for a year…. More about that at my site,

The Big Picture, The Fine Print

When we were kids we would make up games and change or modify the rules according to our circumstance or situation. For instance, 500 Up (Scrub) is a game  where a batter hits balls out to a group on the field and according to point designations (grounder 25, one bounce 50, pop fly 100) when someone has earned 500 it’s their turn to bat.   If it started to get boring because the batter hit mostly infield grounders (25 points) then a ruling would be made to switch batters at 200 instead.   We didn’t realize that our on the spot negotiations were training us for a future of flexibility and creativity.

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a Russel (friend since childhood) and when we were done he invited me to go play pool with his work colleague, Ralph.   The three of us arrived at the recreational room…

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