It follows that everyone wants their piece of the pie, and most feel that their pie slice should be bigger than everyone else. Top down, or bottom up? It should be simple to make a movie profitably, without all the graft going on in the article described. Would love any additional comments you can provide me. Thanks!!!

chinafilmbiz 中国电影业务

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November 5, 2012

With the American Film Market going on this week, Chinese buyers are in town in L.A., haggling with non-Chinese producers over prices for their films and reportedly making record-breaking offers. As the non-Chinese producers enter into these deals, one thing that is sure to be on their minds is the concern as to whether Chinese distributors will pay them their fair, contractually negotiated share of box office receipts.

No other aspect of the film business is more important than collections, but when it comes to China, Hollywood has been uncharacteristically quiet on this topic. As far as I know there has been no public complaint from the studios, no claims of cheating, no audits.

Does this mean that producers are getting their…

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