Is it Okay To Yell Movie in a Crowded Firehouse?


Yes. Or, no. It depends on the scope of your 1st Amendment rights. But that’s not what brings us here today.  It’s because it’s the day before the green tree ceremony that you celebrate in your state/country.

There is a competition which I’ve entered every year since 2008, that has significantly changed the parameters of itself since its inception in 2003.  Those that know I’m talking about The 168 Project, may skip a paragraph or two.

My first year in this competition wherein teams get a week to create an eleven minute short film based on a Bible verse, I was on the team that won Best Picture, plus four other awards. I have very high standards as a result. I’ve been attempting to duplicate this feat ever since.

My site, My 168 Project, has been dedicated to creating at least one 168 Project film a year since its founding in May of 2010.  Tax deductible donations always accepted there, as I can’t post a Paypal button here. Well, I could, but it wouldn’t show up.

So as you know, we survived the end of the Mayan calendar. What you may not know is that everyone that thought we wouldn’t chose not to sign over all their property to me starting two days ago.

So, I sit here, the day before Christmas, contemplating what I want to post, and where. Well, I’ve already chosen here, and you’re reading roughly the thoughts I came up with during my morning walk. In the rain. In LA. Okay, it’s LA County, but you get the idea.

I had a crush on Dale Bozzio in the 80’s. Don’t tell my wife.

The last 5 years of The 168 Project, we would have verse selection in and around the beginning of February, as well as the production week. The festival would take place the end of March. 

That’s all changed this year. A company to be named later has taken upon itself to offer up some sort of wait for it, million dollar prize to the winner of best picture this season. How many people remember The Million Dollar Movie? Anyways, as a result, they moved the dates back to May like in 2005. So instead of disappointing my wife on our Anniversary as I usually have, now, I get to disappoint her on her birthday instead, as the 13th is the evening of verse selection for Southern CA teams, of which I am again, Team 33.

The team you may already be on 🙂

What this means for the unwashed masses is that instead of roughly 80-100 entries, they’re expecting about a thousand. That’s a 1 with three, count them three zeroes after it. Now, I’d like to believe that I know what I’m doing, and I’ve already spoken elsewhere about the changes that will come about in my life as a result.

The question is, how does this affect you? If you know, leave a comment. 

I was going to say something pithy here like, “I’ve upped my game. Now up yours,” However, I fear I’ve used that at least one previous time, and I don’t like repeating myself. After all, I’m not Little Sir Echo.

I’d like to believe it’s 72 and sunny in Redondo Beach, however, a simple check of, and the fact that I took a morning walk, belies this.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Top Romantic Nerd Movies of Lurrrrv.

Top Romantic Nerd Movies of Lurrrrv..


I’ve always been partial to Superman, The Movie myself. For my money, being in a love triangle with yourself is the way to go, I would think.  Batman in ’89 had the opportunity to explore this as well, but it went in a different direction.


Michael Gough as Alfred in the Burton/Schumach...
Yeah, this guy.


A wrong direction if you ask me. While Alfred is family, it wasn’t his secret to share. Taking Vicki Vale to the Batcave? Seriously??? Bruce should’ve done that.

The rule, law, meme, whatever you want to call it is, disclosed classified information whenever a need to know exists. Alfred didn’t have clearance to share this secret with Vicki. It’s that simple. I’m sure that Burton did this as some sort of time saving device.

That’s basically a mini rant, as it’s all I’ve got in me today. I’m amped about other stuff, however, that’s going to remain in the family for now, and quite possibly none of you that read this site are family. At least that I know of.

Stay sane, so I don’t have to.

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