Top Romantic Nerd Movies of Lurrrrv.

Top Romantic Nerd Movies of Lurrrrv..


I’ve always been partial to Superman, The Movie myself. For my money, being in a love triangle with yourself is the way to go, I would think.  Batman in ’89 had the opportunity to explore this as well, but it went in a different direction.


Michael Gough as Alfred in the Burton/Schumach...
Yeah, this guy.


A wrong direction if you ask me. While Alfred is family, it wasn’t his secret to share. Taking Vicki Vale to the Batcave? Seriously??? Bruce should’ve done that.

The rule, law, meme, whatever you want to call it is, disclosed classified information whenever a need to know exists. Alfred didn’t have clearance to share this secret with Vicki. It’s that simple. I’m sure that Burton did this as some sort of time saving device.

That’s basically a mini rant, as it’s all I’ve got in me today. I’m amped about other stuff, however, that’s going to remain in the family for now, and quite possibly none of you that read this site are family. At least that I know of.

Stay sane, so I don’t have to.

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