Why am I here?

To drive traffic to my ministry site.

Okay, not what I was originally going to write, so, I’ll have to come up with something more relevant. 

In a weird mood today. I have a ‘friend’ stringing me along with the hopes of an investment into my production company, however, I’ve tripped him up and got him to practically admit he was never serious about it. I’ve written about this guy before, therefore it’s your mission to find out where I did that, as it’s on another site that I wholly own.

At My 168 Project, I’m attempting to decide what my next post there will be. It should be this post, however, I’m keeping with the need to rant randomly here.  I’ll probably write about the need to raise ten times as much money this time around, as over at The 168 Project they’ve upped their game. Now I have to up mine, and you should up yours 😉

Yes, I know I’ve done that one before, however, you may not have heard it there first.

Because we’re here. Well, I’m here, you’re there. You could write the same thing. The stream of consciousness is flowing up today. Downwind of upstream. Just like the salmon.

I guess these are in fact, morning pages. As opposed to mourning pages. Write a page every morning, and a sonnet in the afternoon. At night a screenplay, then start the process again. I guess those are my rules for writing.

Unless you’re a reader, at which point, the rules change. Unless they don’t. Just discovered something depressing, so I won’t elaborate. It would appear that I can’t search my previous content while posting. Damn you, WordPress!!!

That’s right, three exclamation points. Count them, three. Each means something different, and if you stop at 2, you must proceed to three, just like when you prepare to toss the Holy Hand Grenade.

That’s probably enough bloviation for today, so, until next time, stay sane. So I don’t have to.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.