3 Tips For Dealing With Trials | healingfromgod.com

3 Tips For Dealing With Trials | healingfromgod.com.

And tip #4: Avoid them in the first place.

I thought I had more on this, however, apparently, I don’t. Might write a song about it. Maybe I already have. Temporal mechanics being what they are.

I’ve touched on this phenomenon both here and elsewhere before, however, for the 2 or 3 of you that are reading me for the first time, it follows that I write something before you read or hear it. Unless I say it, and don’t write it down. In which case, short term memory being what it is, you may never hear or see it again.

However, in any case, I take my action before you take yours, meaning, you’re actually reacting.  Neat, huh? Maybe not. You may not like what I say, do, or think. Then I get a negative comment in the boxes below. Or, more likely, you don’t say anything.  Then I continue to displease you until such time that you stop reading.

This makes me sad. Of course, this wouldn’t be a trial, as that implies a verdict.  And I was nowhere near Queens. If you get that reference, you may stop reading, and continue directly to the comment section.

Of course, this implies that I have more to say, write, do, etc. here, which is most likely not the case, as my breakfast, lunch, dinner is cooking depending on which timezone you’re in.

I believe that life is a game of Fizzbin.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach, as always 😀

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