Out There: Fan Funding Is an Opportunity to Grow and Develop the Artist-Fan Relationship

If real money were involved with the movies I make, I’d need roughly $15K per ten minutes. I’m thinking with my semblance of a track record being able to do the short film in three weeks thing, I can safely use either Kickstarter or Indiegogo successfully in the upcoming months, so, be watching for that either here or elsewhere, when I feel I have something worthy of being funded in this way, which may not necessarily be a 168 Project film, however, I’m still taking donations at my site, http://my168project.com
Thanks for your time, and by all means, leave a comment or a criticism. If you dare 😀

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4 thoughts on “Out There: Fan Funding Is an Opportunity to Grow and Develop the Artist-Fan Relationship

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      • Calling donations pre-sales does nothing to indicate one having any experience of dealing with institutional finance sources
        Film producers can call donations what ever suits them just don’t con the enamored into claiming it is finance. It isn’t. Remember finance requires one to have to be meet funding approval criteria with a business plan, skin in game, exit strategy known as repayment. Said it before and will continue to do; Those who gravitate towards donations do so because because for whatever reason they either won’t or cant complete the hard work of dealing with sophisticated lenders, ABL funders, or investors.

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