Quotes from Linkedin.com: Why film producers were shot down as contestants on the TV show ‘Shark Tank’

I’ve been getting re-educated on what it takes to make a movie in the 21st Century, and came across this guy who has the only accredited IR firm in Vegas, which I think is pretty cool.
The logical follow up question is, I’ve been developing a package of films for the last ten plus years, with what I would consider to be no actual development money, however, my life can be documented, therefore the question is, should I give up control of more than half of my company? It’s a scary thought to be sure. Please leave a comment after you read the article, and the comments at the site. PS, most of them are spam, except for mine. There probably should be an asterisk somewhere…. 😉

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Quote from Dave Gregory, film producer

“Just watched that segment of SHARK TANK online. I don’t take anything I see on reality shows too seriously, but I do like the “cast” of investors on that show.

Mark Cuban was instantly out because the filmmakers only offered 30 or 35% of the equity for 100% of the funding. That’s ridiculous…and insulting to any investor, IMO.

At first I thought they were hawking a documentary but then, once they talked about obtaining cast and writing a script, I realized it was a narrative feature based on the subject and they hadn’t even gotten through development. And really, a teaser with nothing but annoying GC title graphics doesn’t tell me a damned thing.

I would never approach an investor until (a) full development, (b) a breakdown…

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