New Headshots

Yes, that’s right. I need them. Well, I don’t really NEED them, as I want them. I took an acting job so that I could earn them, as I was being paid in kind. What kind, you ask? I’ll let you decide.

On an ordinary day during the week, I’d be sitting at home writing, or creating, or more likely, pondering.  Musing is also a choice, and I’ll still get to do that on my way to the studio. “Hey, Mike!!! Why don’t you just take a selfie? That’s what all the kids are doing!!!”

I’m a professional actor. That’s why. Thanks for asking. I have a lovely parting gift for you.  That’s right. I’ve embraced my inner game show host.  I once played a game show host in an ‘SC student film, back when I was doing the student film thing. I should probably get back into that, however like I said, I’m a professional.

I should be paid.

I like money. There’s a song in Cabaret; Money Makes The World Go Round.  No more of this paid in kind work. Of course, being hypocritical, I won’t hesitate to ask you to work for free in my next festival entry. I’d like to think that I can raise upwards of $50K a month in order to make these things, however everyone else I know is doing the same thing.

This is what I get for being in show business.

I just saw something that said I have 81 characters remaining. That must be the headline limit, as I’m typing away, and the 81 hasn’t gone down any.

To continue, or proceed, or more likely, advance the plot, I realize it’s a business, and my only goal is to make enough with the current project in order to yes, you guessed it, make the next one.

Supporting the family is a good idea while doing that as well.  This is the part I haven’t solved yet; I need to be able to do both at the same time, which is why I haven’t made any lately.

The good news is that things are looking up.

I do have the capability of raising funds on one of those sites that allows for crowdfunding, however as previously stated, everyone else is doing that too.

So, I leave you with the above conundrum, while I solve for the following: x=x+1.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

That’s my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Soon to be a major motion picture.™

Disclaimer: I know that x can never equal x+1. It’s just a line of code I wrote ages ago when I used to write lines of code.