I Should Write Something

I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve come to a conclusion. Breaking the word down becomes tedious, as that’s something that I’ve been doing lately elsewhere, so why should I do it here?

Once when I was presented with the prompt in the headline, I simply wrote, “Something.” Done!

What did I achieve? Well, I get a chuckle from a select few, and I fulfill my daily clown quota. Found out sometime last century that some use the word clown as a verb. She was sitting next to me when between takes she said, “You clowned me.”

Whatever happened to my co-star of West Hollywood News in Review? I don’t know. Good times, almost well, actually over 25 years ago at this point. Video on the web wasn’t truly a thing yet, and we never really got more than the first two full episodes edited.

A credit roll today would have at least four credits for me: Head Writer, Co Producer, Star, and one other. Maybe only three. I never directed any episodes, but I’m sure I could’ve had I asked.

We wrote sketches. We were damn good too. Ivan liked them, and that means, they were in. We’d shoot video on actual video tape, complete with sync sound, and the goal was to put them up on Public Access in West Hollywood.

That’s the part we never did.

My inheritance when coach left us was those tapes. Digitizing at $10 per times 60 some odd tapes, and yes, some are pretty odd, would cost $600 that I don’t have. I’m setting up here at Team 33 Productions to DIY, well, DIM as I’d be doing it myself.

There should be a way to get the VCR to go 4 times the speed so that the Mac doing the digitizing would get that part done faster than real time. I’ll let you know when I solve that problem.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beachâ„¢