Over A Year

It turns out there are too many places to write free.  I’ve achieved a goal and connected with a print publication that will be around for awhile, however to get paid I must write. I have daily obligations elsewhere, and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

At some point as a de facto reporter of things happening in real time, I need to take timeout to sit down and write. I guess I could turn my cell into a Dictaphone as the technology for that exists, however the transcribing will take time as well.

I’m not sure that I can upload an audio to this beast, and do that while other things take place. I know I can dictate a story here, and maybe have it transcribed automagically, however that requires actual computer time with no other things going on in life.

This problem is an easy solve, but again, real life trumps reel life.  Not enough hours in the day. Roughly 24 last I checked, and I truly only get 8 on this beast, with needing to do at least 12 to 16 hours every damn day.

Those that are bad at math can see that each day I fall 4 to 8 hours further behind in life. This may be why I haven’t posted here in over a year.

Maybe I should take to writing sonnets like Shakespeare allegedly did. Yes, I’ve been infected by The Marlowe society.  Several out there believe that Shakespeare didn’t write all of his oeuvre.

I hope I’m using that word right.

In any case, I’ll attempt to write more frequently here until such time as the paid money type work totally gets in the way….

New catch phrase pending.