Sometimes I Wonder

Why? Why not? Okay, here’s the deal. I’m going to rant to fill some sort of arbitrary word count in order to make my point which is simply this; If you’re going to publish a blog, why aren’t you allowing for commentary?

Is your opinion sacrosanct, and not up for debate? Clearly not, as there’s always an opposing position to take.

Maybe you’re afraid of what others might think. Maybe you don’t want your opinion to be drowned out by the noise du jour. However, if you’re effectively keeping your opinions to yourself, why should I bother to read it?

I allow for commentary on all my blogs, including this one. The fact that I don’t get many simply means I don’t have a lot of readers. Is this my choice? No, of course not. I’d prefer the ten thousand fans I’m supposed to have, allowing for about 100 comments based on I believe the Pareto Principle. See also, the 90/9/1 rule. I could also use these mythical ten thousand fans to support me at a dollar a month for the rest of my life.

Yes, I’ve done the math, that’s $120K a year, until I die. However, the business that hasn’t been created yet, is: What to do with your sites after you die? Someone, and it may be you reading this, can start this business, and make some money off of it. And then, I’d like a large donation, and credit on your site. Point to my ministry site when you do. Thanks!

There’s going to be an influx of those that will have written a virtual metric ton of stuff online that are going to eventually die. They may leave the care and feeding of these sites to friends, relatives, etc. A thousand years from now, one of my descendants may reference this particular article.

Hey, it could happen. Note to self, add this to the same list that contains, “When pigs fly.”

So, to review: People post opinions, and don’t allow comments. I don’t have to read these sites anymore.

Have I made my point yet? More importantly, have I made my word count?

72 and Sunny in Redondo Beach. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

How To Read a Screenplay in 5 Minutes

Whether you’re a Reader just starting out, or an Executive level Producer deciding on the next greenlight, you’re going to want to read an actual screenplay properly.

Of course, maybe you have a pile on your desk or in your backpack, and you don’t truly want to spend a lot of time reading someone else’s story while actually asking yourself, “Why am I not telling my own?”

So, here’s what you do, or maybe it’s what I do, and your mileage may vary; Take a walk with your current screenplay, and read the first five pages.

Then tear them out. Throw them to the wind. If they blow back, as opposed to blowback, grab them, and tack them to the end of the rest of the screenplay.

Turn to the middle, and tear one out after you read it. If you liked what you read, then crumple it in a ball, and stuff it in your pocket.

Go back into your current domicile, and throw the screenplay to the ceiling. Read only the pages that don’t stick to it.

After that, if you still like what you’ve read, then ask for another undamaged copy from the writer.

It’s at this point he’ll probably ask, “What happened to the copy I gave you?” A terse rejoinder is required here, however telling the truth isn’t truly a good idea.

Go with one of the following:

  • My reader kept it.
  • I misplaced it.
  • It accidentally got put in the reject pile and shredded, or
  • I wanted to discuss a rewrite.

That last one should only be used if you do indeed want a rewrite.

Now I realize this is the 21st century, and these days you don’t get a hard copy, and PDF’s are the norm. This allows an additional reason; my cellphone accidentally deleted it.

Now, you always ultimately want a hard copy. Because you liked aforementioned script, and you do indeed want to discuss it with the writer.

Now, being one myself, I’m going to tell you that he doesn’t believe that he needs a rewrite. Personally, I don’t believe in rewrites, as you’re just doing more writing. Some of the original may not see the light of day, however the writing itself did in fact take place.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Oscars 2018

The need to make predictions exists, simply because others are already doing the same thing, and there may be a prediction ballot at the event I’m attending tomorrow. Red Carpet at 330p, Oscars themselves at 5p, and we’ll see if there’s any editing like at other faith based events I’ve attended like this….

Bill Murray did this really cool bit on Saturday Night Live all those years ago, about how no one cares about the supporting roles and who wins. He had a diagram and everything. We all watched because it was part of the news segment, and it was funny.

They’re probably dated by now, however we have all these new hashtag movements because Twitter rules the world of entertainment. As we know, entertainment is something that is in a fixed form, as defined by the US Government anyway….

Will The Oscars be entertaining? I hope so, however I have little faith in this regard.  Most of the shall we say slams at all things conservative are going to take place. How to be a red-blooded Merican(sic) male in 2018 without being accused of harassment?

If I harass you, report it. Immediately if not sooner. Not 40 years from now, when more people will know that I’m famous. Better yet, do it posthumously so I’ll never know that you’ve been talking about me behind my back.

Wait! I’m going to heaven, and I get to watch the show. So, I’ll know.

Thanks for playing Oscars. I have a lovely parting gift for you.