Untitled on #WorldTurtleDay

I’m thinking that I might update this list, as a list, when it becomes a stand-up routine, OR, I can simply rant and rave, or more likely, rave about the rant, until I’ve met my artificial word count.

It’s unclear to me at this time what my journey will be along the path I take. Or, do you take the path, and then talk about the resulting journey? We’ve discussed this aspect before, actually. This is not intended to be anything resembling a journalism course, simply because, I don’t remember most of what I was taught back in Ms. Meiner’s 8th grade journalism course that I took, however, I do remember that it led to writing for the school paper the next year….

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and sometimes, How? Are the five W’s. Well, six.  Choose the order, tell your story. Which as you’re supposed to be objective, is actually their story. That makes you, a reporter. At it’s root, a journalist is one who journals. I’m reminded of a rant of a fictionalized newsman. “We are not the news!!!”, he shouts into the camera, as the live feed goes out to the audience, and he confesses his misdeed. The TV version of the Network speech.

My true problem here is that I don’t truly have a title for this particular missive on this particular day. Twitter has infected the ‘net with tags celebrating various days, and today is #WorldTurtleDay.  As you know, you’re not supposed to mock the World Turtle, and there’s a religion that believes we’re on the back of a giant space turtle. See also, The Flat Earth Society.

I could state simply that my title is one of the aforementioned hashtags, but I like calling them octothorpes because that’s what they really are. We’ve discussed that elsewhere too.

I’ve come up with a title. I hope you like it. If you have another suggestion, comments are open….



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