Dear US Government and BLM please FUCK OFF!

More ridiculousness ensues. This original post is from 2014. Understand this before you blame the current administration for ANYTHING that is going on that affects real people.

I’ve got work to do, so I’ll be doing that now. I may not see a response for up to five days….


First let me state both TJ and I firmly believe man is affecting the climate and the earth. Michelle believes man pollutes the earth but doesn’t affect the climate. We all three agree we need to do more to protect this rock we call home. That now said here is the story.

Which actually has nothing to do with my stand on Global Climate change as much as my stand against our government gone haywire. A stand for native American nations and their right to self rule as outlined in contracts and peace treaties. it seems we want to break our word as a nation yet again with the Native peoples of this land.

Yesterday I saw a news story that demonstrates the kind of corruption that global warming propaganda can produce. CNS News reported, Here is that report.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to spend up…

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Always good to come back to this site every once in awhile, and get inspired.

Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry


A yearning
as sirens of
autumn’s breath
whisper words
of anticipation.
A rhythmic contralto
an echo to the soul
a welcomed unrest
as the valley chants 
its familiar tune.

is she as gleams
of heaven incensed
unveil a sight divine.
A prelude
as skies yield to
nature’s command–
a foretaste of the
promised cleansing
of her deliverance.

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