How To Deal with, The Rules

There’s a book giveaway at the end of this post, so, what needs to happen is that you read the whole thing, first. Most of you will probably scroll to the end and enter, but trust me, I’ll know. I feel it’s appropriate to discuss the three ways to deal with the rules in what is ostensibly, a contest post. Win/win. So, that Guy Kawasaki will read, the three ways to deal with the rules are as follows:

  1. Learn them before you start
  2. Learn as you go, and finally
  3. Make them up as you go.

Simple, right? Not so fast, I’ve got about 700 words to go. Plus, explaining the rules will probably take more than that. Although, they do look rather simple and straightforward, come to think of it. So, maybe we should discuss, how to handle individual situations where the 3 ways can be used effectively.

Learn Before You Start

What’s the first board game you ever played? Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, or dare I say it, Candyland? In every case, you opened the box, took out the pieces, and there was this page of rules that came with. If you haven’t already played the game, you read the rules, hopefully, all the way through, and then you start. Simple board games that you played as a kid are easy, ones that are more complicated, have more rules and pieces, and finally, games that look simple but have multiple strategy guides/books published, are even more complicated, but that goes to playing the game well. In Checkers and Chess, you know how the pieces move, and you know what the ultimate goal is, however, how do you achieve that goal? Again, that goes to strategy, and I’m not trying to sell you a chess book. You’ve learned how the pieces move, where they go on the board, and what the goal is, so, chess or checkers at its base, is easy, and what are called perfect games, as they are finite to a point. Repeated play at a game like this will lead to improvement in your quality of play, and therefore, RTFM, as we say in the trade.

Learn as You Go

I once had a chiropractor tell me, “Life’s a game. Play the game.” I may have said this elsewhere myself, although, not recently, otherwise, I’d link to it. You’re born, you live, hopefully a long time, and then you die. Depending on your belief system, or the series finale of LOST, that’s not the end. In any case, no one handed you the above mentioned rulebook, therefore, you had to figure out most things yourself. Hopefully, you had a loving set of parents that pointed you in the right direction, for those things that you needed help with. This process continues into adulthood, and in the case of the meddling in-laws, probably long after that. You may find some new ‘games’ that you wish to play, and it’s at times like this, that I take the path of sitting down and starting to play. Like Twitter, or Facebook, for instance. Some of you may have actually read the privacy statement on either or both sites, however, as in at least one case, they’re constantly changing, therefore, you probably just clicked without reading. You got your account, and tried to figure it out. You may have even tweeted or written on your wall at some point. I don’t know, as my experience with Twitter should probably be a whole ‘nother post, if it hasn’t been already….

Make Them Up as You Go

Which brings us ultimately to, the 3rd option. The most fun, and quite possibly, the most dangerous. Sure, Twitter has rules, which are mostly guidelines, and the Twitiquette police will attempt to smack you down if you don’t follow their rules, however, the beauty of the system is, at least in this case, and for me, that I don’t have to play by their rules. I have mine. Mine are better, by definition. And since I’m making them up, I can change them, too. Again, win/win. I win, you win, he she or it, wins. In case of Grammar Police™, go directly to the Free Parking space on Monopoly, and don’t collect any money. Most of you have probably started with a $500 bill on this spot, and you’ve used the community chest money to add to it, however, that’s not in the rules. I was playing the game for a year before I found that one out, as I chose option #2 for that game. How To Win Delivering Happiness, by Tony Hsieh This is probably the part you scrolled to when I said scroll to the end, so, the first rule of the free book giveaway is, go back to the top, and read the whole post. The second rule is, leave a comment, to prove that you’ve read it, and as the book comes out on Monday, by all means, rule #3 is multiple comments only count as one entry, and I’ll be tweeting this post out for the next 3 days. I have only one copy of the book to giveaway, therefore, best comment wins. Rule #4, all decisions of the judge are final, that’s me, and no purchase necessary, as I’m not really asking you to buy anything. I could, but then a purchase would be necessary, and we can’t have that, can we? Well, we could, but then you’d be breaking a rule. Which I’ll probably discuss next time. As always, adjust your expectations accordingly. And, Please, Retweet.

I Don’t Know What I Know…

But I know that it’s big.

Either a line from a Mel Gibson movie that nobody really saw, or, my actual feelings at the moment. You may decide at the end, and comment. Of course, that might require that you read all the way to the end, so, you’ve been warned.

In an effort to gather thoughts for another blog post at a different site that nobody reads either, I’ve come to the following conclusions, in no particular order….

Of course, I should probably put a list in here, so that Guy Kawasaki will read further, however, that’s not the point of this rambling that may have a point to it, either.

Mark Cuban has a blog, where he wrote something about Fakebook privacy. That may or may not be what this is about. I’m actually more concerned with his copyright notice at the bottom, which reads, “All contents copyright © 2010, Mark Cuban. All rights reserved.” Therefore, if I comment on his blog, he owns it? I don’t think so, Tim.

It’s my understanding of copyright law, that when I put something in a fixed form, like this blog entry, or a comment on another blog, that I indeed own it. Of course, it could be argued that anything posted online is inherently fluent, and therefore, not fixed, as it can be edited by whomever has permission. The DMCA was written to prevent just this, in reality, of course, The Law!!! being what it is, affected this attempt to bend the will of copyright law to those who would claim ownership of all things ‘net, (Read, Disney, et al), and created new categories heretofore unforeseen of intellectual property.

Which may allow Mark Cuban to own my comments. It will probably never be tested in court, however, it would be fun to try. Of course, he has more money than I will ever have, so, he’d win. Does that matter to me? Yes!!! I don’t think he can own my thoughts in this way, however, the legal system being what it is, at least in this country that I love, would allow him to stifle any opinion contrary to his, simply because he has more money. Fair? No, of course not.

But it is what it is, and it beats whatever system is in second place by far. I’m thinking that I should like the fact that Mark Cuban feels he has to own my comments on his site, because it means he feels that they’re important. Which they are of course, or else, I wouldn’t be making them there, or anywhere else for that matter.

Have we in Web 2.93 terms, advanced to the point where nobody owns anything? I know that nobody knows anything, but of course, William Goldman said that first. And he was right. But he may also have been wrong. Unless it’s the Universal Nobody. Because clearly there are many nobodies who do indeed know a lot of things. But none of them are in power.

Like Mark Cuban.

Who needs to own the comments I make on his site.

Adjust Your Expectations Accordingly.

Yet Another Random Bloviation

I have a friend, whom we’ll call Mark, because that’s his name as I’ve previously discussed, that I simply don’t understand. I could make a list here, however, I’ll proceed to delineate in a grammatical manner, as opposed to the Modern Major General. One day I’ll record that song for you. Beware. Or….

In an attempt to stay on topic, as I do indeed have one, he’s one of the people in my life that I’ve known the longest. Met him in high school, actually. He was a grade behind me, however, as I was a year ahead of myself, he’s slightly older than I am. By all accounts, especially, bank, he’s more successful than I am, as he has more money. Enough to the point where I approached him for a donation for this year’s 168 Project film.

And that’s where the confusion started. And, for the most part, continues.

He called me today, and we had almost the same exact conversation we had the last time. He’s telling me how he’s a day trader now, and looking at Apple at around $227 a share. I asked him what he’s going to do with all his money, and he said simply, “I’m going to make more money.” Ok, then what about after that? He told me he bought a new car, that has only 203 miles on it. That would be fine if he bought it last week, however, this was apparently right after our last conversation almost 2 months ago.

I again solicit a donation for 168 Project films, as I’ve decided that at least for me, this needs to be a year round ministry. He politely explains that he’s not into church as I should know, to which I simply reply, “It’s not about church, it’s about filmmaking.” This really didn’t get me anywhere, so I pressed on, “What are you going to do with all your money???” Make more, came the same reply. Now, he still lives in a one bedroom apartment, and furthermore, tells me he has no friends.

I am, as I stated above, confused.

Money at its base, is a tool. Its value is whatever you believe it to be worth. In and of itself, your dollar bill is really a fancily printed by the government piece of paper, that most have agreed can be traded for goods or services. I was having a conversation with Warren Whitlock about this recently. Is your time worth money? I bill myself at $150 an hour, minimum 2, meaning that I value my 24 hour day at roughly $3600. Which is now, my speaking rate. There’s a rider attached that you probably can’t meet, therefore, I’m destined to not receive any speaking engagements….

But this isn’t about me.

I simply pointed out that Mark is going to grow old and die alone, unless he does something with his money. He apparently decided a long time ago, that he’s ok with this. My guess is that this conversation that I had today will preclude him from calling me for another three or four months, so I won’t have to have the same exact conversation again.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Twitter is Down.

Well, not right now. I just thought that since it has been recently, that I’d write about it now, after all the hubbub. And, since it’s up, you’ll likely see this post as soon as Twitterfeed tweets it….

In any case, it’s my new definition of irony. Because put simply, if Twitter goes down, I’d want to tweet and tell all my friends, however, it’s down, so, I can’t.

Of course, there are other options available to let you and by extension, my followers/friends/fans, etc, whatever you call yourselves on the various social networks that you may or may not be following me on, as opposed to on which you may be following me, however, the lament would not be as effective, simply because, it wouldn’t be the same. Similar, yet different.

3 advantages to Twitter being down include:

  1. Ability to get actual work done.

Ok, maybe just one big advantage. I’m sure you can come up with the other two. If you do, leave a comment. If you don’t, leave a comment about that as well.

You see, I stopped after the first one because I realized that yes indeed, the problem was with TweetDeck 🙂

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach on Christmas Day.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Oh, and I shouldn’t have to say this anymore, but please, retweet. That is, if Twitter isn’t down….

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Once Again, It’s Time to Rant Randomly…

Ok, I came up with a cool title, that no one will click when they see it, so, I’m basically typing to myself. Tell me I’m wrong in the comment section. Thanks!!!

So, what’s going on in the world? Does it matter? Does it affect me, and in turn, you? No? Read on….

I started this current missive with a title, and no actual material to back it up with, so, I don’t know where I’m going to end up. However, I probably didn’t start at the beginning, either.

What brought this on? Or one, as I originally mistyped? Is it a typo if I spelled it correctly? Yes, of course it is, as, it’s not the word that I originally chose.

Having answered my own question, I’ll move on. Or one. Is it a coincidence that the letter ‘e’ is typed with the middle finger of the left hand? I’ll let the pundits decide.

Of course, they aren’t reading this.

But they might read, this.

How do I know this? As previously stated elsewhere, no one knows anything. Why is that? Well, the current statistic is, wait for it, 22 hours of video downloaded to YouTube per minute. Personally I don’t have that kind of time, but someone has apparently invented a time warp field generator to squish 22 hours into a minute.

And, he hasn’t even patented it yet. Try saying that three times fast, and get back to me on how you did.

In any case, randomly typing as in the infinite monkeys experiment, has brought me this far without a real point to be made, other than the following: I have followers on Twitter that might read this far.

Have I buried the lead? Of course!!! I’m not a journalist, and I don’t even play one on TV!!! I’m a guy, that has opinions, that publish online somewhat regularly, or more likely, randomly. How does this affect you? Or, will you share in this effect? That’s right. They’re both spelled correctly, and used correctly, for those of you that just graduated the Grammar Police Academy. That’s (TM) me if someone makes an aforementioned YouTube video, and uploads it.

Had to respond to a tweet. Now, where were we? I’m here in front of my borrowed computer in Redondo Beach, and I still don’t know where you are.

You may be reading this in the comfort of your own home on anyone of several myriad devices. And that might be what led to this random rant.

Clearly, they’re looking to replace Olivia. And this is a good thing, but I digress….

Which is the title of what used to be Peter David‘s column in CBG. Great title, great writer, and a good book, too!!!

Hopefully, enough of you will click on that link, and then I’ll get paid. Not the first one, the second one. Alternatively, click on both, and buy the book. As opposed to by the book, but again, I digress….

I think I’ll end here, as I may or may not have another blog entry to write elsewhere, therefore, this has either been another edition of The Random Rant, or, It’s, The Law!!!

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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Yet Another Installment of, It’s the Law!!!

Several things I found out recently, and I won’t list them, therefore, Guy Kawasaki won’t read further, however, most of the rest of you might, and that’s good enough for me.

It turns out there’s this thing out there called 4square. Ok, it’s yet another social network. Apparently, you can be the mayor from where ever you update from, if you’re the first one there. It’s all pretty strange, and I’m the guy that has over 33 thousand tweets in a year, so, I’m thinking I might be an expert. On strange, not 4square.

If you link your Twitter account to 4square, every-time you update, Twitter tweets. Or, twits, as we’ve discussed previously. This phenomenon extends to other social networks. FriendFeed, Twitter, and most importantly, Facebook. Furthermore, I’m on all of them.

There’s also Twitterfeed, which allows you to direct any RSS feed that you control, to Twitter. Now, as it states Biblically no-less, it is possible to invent ways to do evil, and I think I’ve found mine….

Having seen The Law!!! kick in at inopportune times, I can tell you this: It is quite possible that there is a way to tweet once, and have it circulate around the Twitterverse, forever.

I just haven’t found it yet.

Adjust your expectations accordingly, and as always, Please, Retweet.

If you haven’t already.

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