What is it? Who has it? Who wants it? Why? Where are they? I’m here today to tell you, I don’t know. However, there are others out there that would have you think, say, act, or do differently. Because they have it.

And by it, I mean something that The Law!!! doesn’t recognize….

Why, you ask? Or, maybe you didn’t. Again, I don’t  know.

Previously, I’ve discussed how truly nobody knows anything. Now that you have this information, what should you do with it? Well, I choose to claim authority in all things having to do with nothing, or in this case, a mathematical calculation of a philosophical concept.

To wit: As opposed, to twit: If I have 35K+ followers on Twitter, while at the same time, following roughly the same amount, how do I get any work done? Or, the actual question I started to ask, do I have the authority to make grandiose pronouncements? How do I effectively use my theoretical one million plus Myspace friends to my advantage?

Let’s find out together, shall we? We don’t have to mind you, as you can get off this ride at any time. As opposed to anytime. In any case, I can’t, as I haven’t made my word count yet. Confused? Good! Then you’re starting to understand.

Any mathematical formula that you come up with will fall woefully short. Simply because, you can’t have authority in everything. Why are 35K plus people listening to me? Well, go ask them. Maybe I know something they don’t, in which case, my information has value. To them.

Otherwise, if they already know what I know, what I say or do or even think, isn’t as valuable. Think of it: Information I have, may have different value to others. Am I an authority to those that already know what I know? Well, maybe I am.

I may be able to disseminate the information differently than they. There ‘they’ are again. The theoretical ‘they’ of whom we know little if anything about. What if I don’t care what ‘they’ have to say? In this case, ‘they’ have no authority, and none should be given to them. I have an extremely diverse background, and yet, I’m sure there are others out there that I can learn from in my various fields of endeavor.

I will give them authority, when requested. Not before. Until such time as I need their expertise, their information, or even data, may not be useful. N.B. There is a difference between data and information. Information is how you disseminate the data. Or, mine it. But as always, that’s another post for another blog that I don’t necessarily write for.

Did you know that grammatically, it’s now ok to end a sentence in a preposition? I just found this out recently, from a grammarian, that I gave authority to. As opposed to which I gave authority. It’s interesting, and even fascinating to note at this point that the root word of authority is, you guess it, author.

Who created the information in the first place? They should probably be the ultimate authority over it. We may interpret it differently, at which point, The Law!!! comes into play. Scary, isn’t it?
Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. The doom and gloom you hear preached on almost a daily basis by the media elite is at best, an illusion. Ultimately, the media should be reporting the facts, and not interpreting them, to their own ends.

Those that would claim authority over their various niches, should indeed realize that they may not be the authority they think they are. There ‘they’ are again. ‘They’ seem to be everwhere. Who are ‘they?’ ‘They’ are not us, as we are not one of ‘them.’

I’m sure this will all make sense one day, to someone that reads it this far. As for me, I choose to end here. For now. Tune in next week when the random ramblings of this Idea Master go off on yet another tangent.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

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