Don’t Know What I Want to Write Here…

This may be my last post of 2009, may it rest in peace. Or pieces, if you’ve seen that movie. I only saw the trailer, but in any case, what brought me here today and ultimately, to you, was this. Now, you can click that, or, I can tell you about it.

That’s right, follow someone, and someone else will donate a dollar. The attempt is to raise money for cancer research. Brilliant!!!

I wish I’d thought of that. Would’ve used it to raise money for my 168 Project, instead, I came up with this idea, which to date, hasn’t really worked. Maybe if I keep posting the link over and over here and elsewhere, some random search engine will pick it up, and I can continue yet another year of blatant self promotion….

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Oh, and Please Retweet if you’d be so kind 🙂

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